Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Your not nineteen forever, pull yourself together...

Sorry, i haven't blogged in a while. Craig has just got back from the Dominican so i have lived in Durham since friday night :)
Me and Lucy went out for a meal on friday and then into Durham, it was quiet, but such a good night. I've missed her so much. We had a good catch up and a really nice meal and probably got too drunk along with it.

I wore my new shoes, and Lucy wore her new dress:)
So i've been pretty much living at Craig's house up until tonight. Hee's so brown, and i feel so pale! Were going to the cinema tomorrow night though :)
And Leeds in just over a week!! I still haven't finished my shopping for it.
I definately need to get my arse moving hahaha

Hope everyone had a good weekend :)