Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Today mummy bought me...

My lovely new shoes.
I haven't done my hair or makeup today, hence the pose.
Today i decided to go into town, it's Sam's birthday on tuesday so i decided it was time to go and get his presents. I was planning on getting him so white converse, hi tops, but no where had them! So i ended up ordering them off the internet.
But, shopping wasn't a disaster as my mam spoilt me and bought me a new pair of shoes that i've been wanting for a while. They're from River Island and i think they're gorgeous. I have a wedding to go to in November so they'll match my dress perfectly :))


  1. wooow! i absolutley love these shoes !! :) xo

    P.S no problem! thanks for following my blog too!! 8-)

  2. Very cool shoes!


  3. super hot nude shoes, love it! come follow me xoxo