Sunday, 23 August 2009

I completely adore

my sister.

Today she took me shopping, i was completely miserable after getting my AS results, apparrantly they're not that bad, and everyone else is pretty happy with me. But still, i could have done better.
So i was cheered up today, and got some amaze new things :) I will post picture later, but my camera is deciding to fuck up at the moment.

Leeds on wednesday :))) I'm so excited!! I still have alot to buy and totally can't find the time haha No doubt i'll end up taking way to much, i do that everywhere i go. I also don't own a hoodie, so i'm hoping to steal one off craig, if not, i'm going to have to buy one tomorrow when i go into Durham.
I can see it all being a disaster though.

I hope everyone got good results :)


  1. Aw what a sweet sister.
    Have fun in Leeds :) ♥

  2. great header! i see you like alexa chung like me :)

  3. i really like your blog :)