Sunday, 6 September 2009


Sorrrrry, i haven't posted in ages.

I got back from leeds last monday and have been ill ever since. I'm just starting to recover now. I've been hyped up on antibiotics for days and have only just managed to start getting myself up and ready. Things have not been good.
But, apart from that Leeds was completely amaze :) I loved it!

My favourite bands had to be Enter Shikari, You me at Six, The Prodigy, Kaiser Cheifs and Kings of Leon. I was sooo dissapointed that Alex Turner was completely stoned and couldn't even string a sentence together. But i do still adore the Arctic Monkeys even if they were shit. I'll post some photos when i get some time, i've done nothing at all this week. I'm so very bored of lying in bed watching daytime tv.
I should be better in the next few days, hopefully :)

I go back to college on Wednesday. I'm pretty excited but not really looking forward to having to make some new friends. Everyone i know has either dropped out or decided to change courses and classes. I'm now taking AS Psychology too, i'm really looking forward to starting a new class :)

Oh and, i had to take my ear piercing out when i get back from leeds (tragus) I was completely gutted but it had not been looking healthy at all. I'm going to wait for it to heal and then get it done again, if i dare :) I definately want a few new piercings, i'm so bored, any ideas? :)